Expand your Fashion business to Brazil and Mexico and discover all the growth opportunities of these countries

With EBANX solutions you can have a payment strategy tailored for fashion industry.


A payment solution tailored for fashion and apparel business.

Offer your customer's preferred payment method and receive more orders.

Voucher Payments

Reach your customers by offering voucher payments, a chargeback-free alternative commonly used by the entire Latin American population.

Credit and Debit Cards

See your approval rates increase drastically accepting all domestic and international cards. With EBANX charge installments fees from your customers, paying only processing fees.


Offer your customers the flexibility to split the total amount into monthly payments that fit in their budgets increasing their average ticket purchase of expensive items in your store.

A great UX for your customer

With EBANX you have a short checkout and extremely similar to the Shopify interface giving your customer a great experience.

Your Shopify store more profitable with EBANX

Easy integration with Shopify

You just need to focus on selling, choose EBANX as a payment provider, put your integration keys and you are ready to go.

Automatically canceled orders

Once the cash payment expires, our system recognizes and automatically cancel the orders.


We create a personalized checkout with your logo, less fields, price on the local currency from your customer. Everything to increase customer's trust and avoid cart abandonment.

Start selling more now!

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